Reformed Doctrine

We believe that salvation is accomplished by the power of God. The Father chose a people, the Son died for them, the Holy Spirit makes Christ’s death effective by bringing the elect to faith and repentance, causing them to willingly obey the gospel. The entire process (election, redemption, regeneration) is the work of God and is by grace alone. God, not man, determines ultimately who will receive the gift of salvation. 

Total Depravity
We believe that because of the fall, man is unable of himself to savingly believe the gospel. The sinner is dead and blind to the things of God. His will is not free, it is in bondage to his evil nature and thus he is unable to choose Christ. The Spirit must make the sinner alive and give him a new nature (regeneration must precede faith) if he is to be saved (Ephesians 2:1-3, 8-9; 1 John 5:1; John 6). .
Unconditional Election
We believe that God chose certain individuals to be saved before the foundation of the world, and that choice rested in His own sovereign will. God’s choice was not based on any foreseen faith or obedience on their part (Romans 9:1-23).
Limited Atonement (Particular Redemption)
We believe that Christ’s redeeming work was intended to save the elect only and actually secured salvation for them (John 10:11, 15, 26). When Christ was nailed to the cross He actually canceled out the ‘certificate of debt consisting of decrees against (His elect), He (actually) took it out of the way’ at the cross (Colossians 2:14). Jesus didn’t die to potentially save everyone, He died to actually atone for the sins of His sheep.
Perserverance of The Saints
We believe that all who are chosen by God, redeemed by Christ, and given faith by the Spirit are eternally saved. They are kept in faith by the power of God and thus persevere to the end (John 10:27-30; Romans 8:28-39)
Irresistible Grace
We believe that God calls people to Christ in two different ways: 1. A General Call or External Call – This is made to everyone who hears the gospel (Matthew 11:28; Acts 17:30; Romans 1:5). This call can be and is often rejected. 2. A Specific Call – This is a special inward call of the Holy Spirit that will bring the lost sheep to Himself (John 6:44). This call cannot be rejected, otherwise God’s will is dependent on man’s cooperation for success (John 10:16). We believe the Spirit graciously causes the elect sinner to cooperate, to believe, to repent, and to come freely and willingly to Christ.